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SIGA Wraps and Tapes




Making the building shell watertight

  • Majcoat 150
    Weatherproof and permeable membrane for permanently weather proof and airtight facades
  • Wigluv
    White, semi-permeable, UV-stable and weatherproof high-performance tape for overlaps and penetrations
  • Fentrim IS 2
    Single-sided high-performance adhesive tape for perfectly sealing window and door frames in solid structures on the exterior
  • Fentrim F
    Highly formable, semi-permeable, primer-less, and abrasion-resistant tape for window installation and other flashing conditions


Making the built rooms airtight

  • Majrex
    Hygrobrid® vapor control layer, for all wall and ceiling application
  • Twinet
    Double-sided mounting tape as a mounting aid for vapor control layers and pannel goods.
  • Rissan
    Green single-sided high-performance adhesive tape for seam sealing and circular penetrations on the interior
  • Fentrim IS 20
    High performance adhesive tape for airtight sealing of window frames and other right-angle connections on the interior.
  • Dockskin
    High-performance primer for strengthening sandy, fibrous substrates, such as woodfiber boards, wood-based panel materials, gypsum fiber boards, plaster and stone
  • Majpell 5
    High-performance interior vapor control layer, for wall and ceiling applications